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Love Story Box

Choose Your Pickle Essential Starter Book Box

Choose Your Pickle Essential Starter Book Box

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Choose your Pickle book

The classic rom com book box for that pickle lover in you!

This picklish book box includes:

  • A full-length romantic comedy signed by author JJ Knight
  • A pickle pouch that includes a "I read pickle smut" button and sticker, an adorable pickle keychain, and three types of pickle-flavored candy
  • A signed bookmark with a check off for reading the entire Pickleverse

All boxes are beautifully packaged and make a lovely gift for a pickle-loving friend or just for you!

Not sure where to start? Here is the reading order with trope:

  • Big Pickle (secret boss)
  • Hot Pickle (sports, brother's best friend)
  • Spicy Pickle (fake engagement, rivals to lovers)
  • Tasty Mango (billionaire-Cinderella, single mom)
  • Tasty Pickle (opposites attract, half-billionaire)
  • Tasty Cherry (boss and intern age gap)
  • Second Chance Santa (second chance, found family, holiday)
  • Royal Pickle (prince, fake royal marriage)
  • Royal Rebel (princess and bodyguard)
  • Royal Escape (princess on the run)
  • Juicy Pickle (boss and ex-assistant, deserted island)
  • Book boxes are hand packed by us and ship in 2-3 business days.
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Book Summary

Deanna's books include romantic comedy, emotional romance, contemporary romance, romantic suspense, small town romance, and both open and closed door heat levels.

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