Non-USA Buyers

I love you guys!

YES, you can buy things here even if you are not in the US!

Let me tell you how!

My store isn't quite ready for shipping to other countries, but of course I do it all the time without the store.

So, if you would like to buy something from here, follow these steps:

  • Fill up your shopping cart like normal.
  • Start your checkout, making sure to fill out your email address especially.
  • Use any coupons/discounts, you've got.
  • When you get the the point where you see the message that this store doesn't ship to your country, just abandon the cart!

As long as you put in an email address, I will write you and let you know what shipping will be. You can pay it and we're done! If shipping is more than you thought (because it's totally terrible), that's okay! Just ignore the invoice.

I hope to get the store finalized soon for other countries, but it's a big deal to get everything categorized/harmonized correctly for customs and to do the paperwork and approvals!

Thank you!

Deanna / JJ