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Tasty Cherry Ebook

Tasty Cherry Ebook

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---Ebook releases April 25---

Embarrassing. Hilarious. Dirty.
The latest romantic comedy in JJ Knight's bestselling Pickleverse.

A new college grad ditches her V-card the night before her upscale hotel internship begins, only to discover she accidentally banged the very boss who could decide the fate of her dream job.

Boss and intern. Age gap. Several high-steam love scenes.

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Book Summary

I’m having the worst time getting rid of my V-card.

I tried all through college with no luck.

But I just landed my dream job with four other new hires. We all live on site at a castle hotel, and I know I have to do the deed, because I can’t break this seal with someone who might blab about it to my coworkers.

So the night before my first day, I head to a Colorado bar and decide to sleep with the first person I see.

I know. Terrible plan.

But I wind up dancing with a smokin’ hot local at least a decade older than me with the experience to match.

The night is memorable. Easy-going. A perfect first time.

And I never have to see him again. Never have to explain myself.

I show up for my new job with the best feeling about the direction life is headed, until the first staff meeting at the castle.

You know what’s coming, don’t you?

My one-night stand where I lost my v-card?

He’s my new boss.

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