Do you wish her story would never end? 

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I do. That's why I invented easy-to-use, do-it-yourself way to produce a keepsake video of loved ones telling precious stories about paper photographs.

But we need your help perfecting the product. It takes just two easy steps!

Step One

Watch this short video to learn more about StoryBox and see how it helps you add voices to even the largest photo albums.

Step Two

Tell us what you think of StoryBox by taking this FREE, anonymous survey, and we'll immediately send you a $25 gift certificate. It's our way of saying thanks!

An Important Message from the Inventor

Hi. I'm Brant Huddleston...inventor of StoryBox. Like many of you, I have an aging parent who knows precious stories from our family's history. You'll get to meet mom (born 1925) in my video, where I tell a bit of my own family story and why I personally wanted StoryBox. 

You'll also get to see a StoryBox protoype in action, and learn how the StoryBox lightbox and tablet app works with just about any size photo album. But before my team and I bring Storybox to the world, we need your help to make sure it’s amazing. Here's where you come in!

Please watch my short video and then answer a free, anonymous, 10 question survey so we make sure we’re not missing anything that's important to you. That will help us perfect StoryBox and bring it for sale soon to a store near you. 

As my way of saying thanks for your time and opinion, I'll send you a coupon worth $25 you can use toward StoryBox when it's for sale. Please watch the video now!

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